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Sapphire Computing Solutions Team

Who we are

About us

For the past 15 years, Sapphire Computing Solutions has looked after our client's IT needs so they can focus on building their business. Our methodology is simple - we listen, we deliver, we care and we are here to support you.  

As your trusted advisor, we will help you make the right IT investment decisions. As your IT solution partner, we will plan and roll out the IT systems that power your business. As your managed services provider, we'll take care of your IT systems, network, cloud and security with a package that meets your budget. And our team is simply a phone call away when you need our help.

In short, we make IT work for you.

About our clients

With a focus on small to medium size business, our clients range in size all the way to 200 people.

Our clients work in a diverse range of verticals including Aged Care, Child Care, Financial Services, Medical, Building, Architecture, Not-for-Profit, Retail, Property, Insurance and Consulting. And we're proud that many of the client's who we started servicing 15 years ago are still with us today.


So you can be confident we have broad skills and a solid understanding of the IT systems and applications that your business depends on to run efficiently - whatever business sector you are in.

About our partners

We specialise in delivering end-to-end IT solutions. The vendors we partner with are carefully selected so we know they are fit for purpose, one of the best in the market and right for your business.


Our main vendors and partners include Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, HP, StorageCraft, Fortinet, Webroot, Sophos, Crashplan, Ubiquiti, Fusemail, ManageProtect, D-Link, Summit Internet, TPG, Next Telecom and TPP.

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