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IT services in Bondi Junction

IT Services for SME

We look after the IT systems your business depends on for success. Providing the critical balance of cost effective solutions while staying ahead of advancing technology. 

Our Services

Our IT Services

Sapphire Computing Solutions delivers, supports and secures the IT systems that power your business

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IT Support
Managed IT Services
Cloud solutions
Hardware software
Internet services
Computer security
IT Consulting
Business continuity and disaster recovery

How we do IT

Expert advice, the right products, services 

and support when you need it.  

When it comes to making decisions about IT systems, there are many moving parts that need special attention. Hardware, software, applications, mobility, support, Cloud, disaster recovery, data protection, security ..... the list goes on.

Our IT Service Framework brings all the parts together. We'll guide you through the process, starting with a deep assessment and evaluation, through planning your IT project, implementing and providing ongoing support. 

But our service lifecycle doesn't end there.  It continues as we constantly assess and review our service offering, upgrade our skill sets and look for new innovative solutions to improve IT for you.  

IT service framework

What's in IT for you
Increase productivity and improve your bottom line by reducing IT downtime 

Everything costs - including IT systems. When they fail or don't perform well, it costs your business time and money.


Well supported systems reduce staff frustration, speeds up business processes and increases customer satisfaction - and your bottom line. 

Our services keep your IT assets working for you. 

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